Why Book a Private Cruise on the Amalfi Coast?

Planning a holiday on the Amalfi Coast? One question many travelers ask while crafting that perfect Amalfi Coast holiday is how to spend time exploring the coastline from the sea. Of the variety of options available, our personal recommendation is to choose a private cruise on the Amalfi Coast or to Capri during your time in the area. Why private? Read on to find out our top reasons to opt for a private boat tour, from safety during these particular times to family fun and creating your own custom tour!

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Explore the Grottoes and Caves of the Amalfi Coast

While the Blue Grotto on Capri gets all the attention, the rocky Amalfi Coast also boasts many beautiful grottoes, caves, and natural beauty to discover. A little secret? We think they’re even more beautiful and fun to explore since they’re more “off the beaten path” and less crowded. Find out why we love the grottoes and caves of the Amalfi Coast and why you won’t want to miss this experience, which is only available on a private boat excursion!

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The Exclusive Cruises Guide to Amalfi

Amalfi is the very heart of the Amalfi Coast, both geographically because it’s located in the center of the coastline and also historically as an important sea republic in the Middle Ages. Many of our guests have asked for our tips on the best things to see and do in Amalfi during their visit, both guests arriving in Amalfi on a cruise ship and those who would like to stop to visit Amalfi during a boat cruise along the coastline. If you have limited time, this guide will make sure you don’t miss any of the highlights of Amalfi. Or perhaps it will inspire you to stay right in Amalfi, which we highly recommend as it is one of the most charming spots on the Amalfi Coast!

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Visiting the Fjord of Furore on the Amalfi Coast

The rocky Fiordo di Furore (Fjord of Furore) with its soaring arched bridge is one of the most Instagram popular and captivating spots on the Amalfi Coast. This narrow fjord cuts into the coastline in the town of Furore and hidden away is a tiny beach and what was once a fishing village. Read on to find out more about the Fjord of Furore and the best way to visit!

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The Exclusive Cruises Experience

At Exclusive Cruises, we’re here to show you the very best of the Amalfi Coast and Capri from the comfort of a private boat. Our excursions highlight the beautiful landscape of this famous coastline and the isle of Capri, all while creating a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere. A perfect day in the Mediterranean? You’ve just found it! Enjoy this short video that captures the magic of the Exclusive Cruises experience.

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The Best Amalfi Coast Summer Festivals

With long, warm days and plenty of fun events to choose from, summer is a wonderful time to visit the Amalfi Coast! For music lovers, there’s also a host of shows to choose from in Ravello – the City of Music. Many of the towns along the coastline have elaborate festivals celebrating their patron saint, which involve dramatic processions, music and incredible fireworks displays over the sea. These religious festivals are a wonderful chance to experience Italian culture and traditions. Plus, if you book a Fireworks Cruise with Exclusive Cruises, we’ll get you an unforgettable front row seat to enjoy the fireworks shows on the Amalfi Coast. Here’s a look at the best summer festivals and how to experience them like a local!

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Join the Exclusive Cruises Club!

With the start of the 2017 season, we’re thrilled to launch the Exclusive Cruises Club! Our newsletter will be your one stop resource for Amalfi Coast and Capri travel tips, insider information, and special discounts. Join us as we share a behind the scenes look at Exclusive Cruises with videos, special features, and, of course, all the best of the Amalfi Coast lifestyle!

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Exclusive Cruises Amalfi Coast See and Do

The Best Things to See and Do on the Amalfi Coast

Planning your dream holiday to the Amalfi Coast, but not sure where to go? With charming spots and picturesque villages along the coastline, there are so many options for what to see along the Amalfi Coast. We’re here to help! This is your guide for the top things to see and do in the area, especially for first-time visitors or travelers planning a quick escape to the Amalfi Coast. We’ll share more detailed recommendations for each town in upcoming blog posts, but here’s a quick glimpse of the must-see spots on the Amalfi Coast.

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