A Visit to the Beautiful Villa Rufolo in Ravello

Situated in the mountains of the Amalfi Coast high above the sea, the little town of Ravello is one of the coastline’s gems. And once you’ve seen the views it’s easy to understand why. Some of the most iconic views are from the Villa Rufolo, a historic villa with beautiful gardens that perfectly frame a stunning panorama overlooking the Bay of Salerno and the coastline. Here’s why you’ll want to visit the Villa Rufolo while you’re in Ravello!

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The Exclusive Cruises Experience

At Exclusive Cruises, we’re here to show you the very best of the Amalfi Coast and Capri from the comfort of a private boat. Our excursions highlight the beautiful landscape of this famous coastline and the isle of Capri, all while creating a relaxed yet luxurious atmosphere. A perfect day in the Mediterranean? You’ve just found it! Enjoy this short video that captures the magic of the Exclusive Cruises experience.

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Celebrating Ferragosto on the Amalfi Coast

Today marks Ferragosto – the biggest celebration of the summer in Italy. It’s a national holiday, which means spending the day relaxing with family and friends, hanging out wherever it’s coolest, whether that’s the mountains or the sea. Of course, on the Amalfi Coast that means the beach! It’s the busiest time of the year on the area’s beaches, where you can enjoy a cool sea breeze and a dip in the Mediterranean. An even better way to stay cool and avoid the crowds? Enjoy the Amalfi Coast by boat! That’s where you’ll find us on these busy summer days – showing off the best of the coast to our fabulous clients!

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Enjoy a Family-Friendly Boat Excursion on the Amalfi Coast & Capri!

At Exclusive Cruises, we’re a family-run company, and we love cruising the coastline with multigenerational groups while showing the whole family a wonderful time. The youngest member of our team is only 5 months old, and he’s already a pro at cruising with us! From excursions with little ones to cliff jumping with teenagers, we know how to show kids of all ages a great time. If you’re planning a family vacation to the Amalfi Coast or Capri, a boat excursion is a fun way to create family holiday memories of a lifetime!

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Make the Most of Your Cruise Ship Stop with a Boat Excursion to the Amalfi Coast & Capri!

Planning a cruise that will be docking in Amalfi, Sorrento, Capri, Salerno, or Naples? Most cruise lines only stop for a day before moving on to the next exciting destination, which leaves you so little time to explore this beautiful part of Italy. Want to make the most of it and avoid crowds and traffic? That’s where Exclusive Cruises can help!

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A Dream Proposal on the Amalfi Coast

A wedding proposal is a magical moment wherever it takes place. Yet, there are ways to up the romantic factor, especially on the Amalfi Coast! We’ve had some incredible proposals this year with Exclusive Cruises, and we’re just so smitten every single time. We wanted to give you a glimpse of one particularly romantic proposal this summer with the sweet couple Ash and Roshni.

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A Bird’s-Eye View of the Cilento Coast

Located just across the Bay of Salerno from the Amalfi Coast is another spectacular coastline called the Cilento. Much more off the beaten path, there’s a tranquility here that we love sharing with our clients on a Cilento Coast cruise. Here’s where you can truly get away from it all while swimming in crystal clear water and exploring caves and grottoes along the way. Recently, our captain Carmine captured some dramatically beautiful drone images of one of the Cilento Coast’s most iconic spots – the Isola Licosa.

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