Explore the Grottoes and Caves of the Amalfi Coast

While the Blue Grotto on Capri gets all the attention, the rocky Amalfi Coast also boasts many beautiful grottoes, caves, and natural beauty to discover. A little secret? We think they’re even more beautiful and fun to explore since they’re more “off the beaten path” and less crowded. Find out why we love the grottoes and caves of the Amalfi Coast and why you won’t want to miss this experience, which is only available on a private boat excursion!

See the Amalfi Coast and its beautiful caves and grottoes up close!

If you love nature and want to experience the rugged side of the Amalfi Coast, our grotto tour is perfect for you. Love swimming and exploring hidden caves? Ready for an adventure? We’ve created a custom boat excursion for travelers who want to explore all the hidden caves and grottoes along this stretch of coastal paradise. Truly experience the beauty of this coastline first-hand while seeing natural arches, swimming into caves, and enjoying tiny coves with the finest swimming spots. Since your skipper is a local, he’ll share with you all the most beautiful spots, from the Amalfi Coast’s Emerald Grotto to lesser known spots like Pandora’s Grotto, and tons of little caves and grottoes you can explore that are only reachable by boat. Here’s a look at just a handful of the fun places you can visit on our Amalfi Coast grotto tour!

Swim under the Lover’s Arch

Located between Amalfi and Conca dei Marini, stop to swim under Lover’s Arch. It’s a gorgeous spot with clear water and a natural arch that is said to bring good fortune if you swim under it with someone you love. It’s a romantic spot for couples and a fun place for a swim off the boat for the whole family!

Boat and swim instead caves and grottoes on the Amalfi Coast

One of the Amalfi Coast’s most impressive spots is Pandora’s Grotto. Located not far from the town of Maiori, this large cave is incredible to experience. It’s large enough for small boats to enter so you can see inside the cave directly from the boat.

Fascinating caves on the Amalfi Coast

There are many more small caves and grottoes that you can swim into and explore, including the Grotta Africana, which is named after the iconic Africana nightclub located nearby in Praiano. Inside you can see the light dancing on the water in beautiful shades of blue and green. Not far away there’s a natural tunnel between Praiano and Positano that you can swim right through! The rugged coastline between Positano and Nerano near the tip of the Sorrento Peninsula is also home to many caves for swimming and exploring. Your captain will show you the best!


Swim under a natural waterfall on the Amalfi Coast!

Another favorite spot on our grotto tour and all our Amalfi Coast boat excursions is the lovely natural waterfall at Marmorata. It’s a wonderful experience swimming in the cool water cascading into the sea. Kids (of all ages!) enjoy climbing on the rocks and jumping into the sea in this little cove.


If you’d like to spend an enchanting day discovering the natural caves and grottoes of the Amalfi Coast up close, just contact us to find out more about our private boat excursions. We can depart from any town along the Amalfi Coast as well as Salerno, Sorrento, Capri, and more. Just let us know where you’re staying and we’ll help you plan a fun natural adventure on the Amalfi Coast!


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