Visiting the Fjord of Furore on the Amalfi Coast

The rocky Fiordo di Furore (Fjord of Furore) with its soaring arched bridge is one of the most Instagram popular and captivating spots on the Amalfi Coast. This narrow fjord cuts into the coastline in the town of Furore and hidden away is a tiny beach and what was once a fishing village. Read on to find out more about the Fjord of Furore and the best way to visit!

boat tour to Furore fjord

Where is the Fjord of Furore?

This popular Amalfi Coast travel destination is located in the village of Furore, which is between the villages of Praiano and Conca dei Marini. The entrance to the Fjord and its eye-catching bridge is located in a beautiful and somewhat isolated natural setting along the coastline. The village of Furore itself is located in the mountains above the fjord, reachable by an entirely different road. The bridge over the Fjord was constructed for the Amalfi Coast Road in the 19th century and is remarkable when viewed from land or sea. The bridge is also featured in the Marmeeting Mediterranean Cup, a deep sea high-diving competition that takes place every year in July. From a specially constructed platform on the outside of the bridge, divers take the leap 92 feet into the sea below.

visit furore fjord amalfi coast

What is at the Fjord in Furore?

Tucked away in the Fjord is a tiny beach and a scattering of old fishermen’s houses. This has always been the village’s only access point to the sea and was home to the local fishermen. Long since quiet, the evocative setting was where Italian film director Roberto Rossellini had a romantic affair with the actress Anna Magnani while they were filming his movie L’Amore in 1948. Today the area is still known for its undeniably romantic setting. While the beach doesn’t get sun for very long during the day, it is a popular spot especially for getting those perfect holiday photos.

Furore boat tour Amalfi Coast

How to Visit the Fjord of Furore?

The Fjord is reachable by land or sea. As there is no parking anywhere nearby, it is best to take a bus along the coastline rather than driving. However, it can be tricky to know where to hop off and very hot waiting in the sun for a bus after you have visited the beach area. Do keep in mind that the road and bridge are very narrow and there is often a lot of traffic during the summer months. If you would like to reach the beach, there is a staircase leading down from the Amalfi Coast Road.

To really see the Fjord up close, you can enjoy incredible views on a boat excursion along the coastline. On our private Amalfi Coast boat tours, the Fjord of Furore is always a highlight. Your experienced captain will carefully cruise right into the narrow fjord below the bridge. You’ll capture the best photos of the Fjord of Furore and enjoy an exhilarating experience away from the hassle of traffic and crowds.

Interested in booking a private boat excursion along the Amalfi Coast? Contact us to find out more!


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