Thermal Hot Springs – The island of Ischia and Poseidon Gardens

One of the most fabulous things to do while visiting the island of Ischia is to experience the thermal spas. Ischia is a volcanic island that sits off the coast of Naples and is home to incredible natural thermal hot springs. People from all over the world travel to Ischia with the hopes of healing an ailment or just for some R&R Italian style. Here’s a look at the beautiful Poseidon Thermal Gardens, one of the most popular spots on Ischia.

Spending time on Ischia is always a pleasure. There are so many thermal spas to choose from around the island. One the best is the Poseidon Thermal Gardens, the largest thermal park on the island, boasting 22 pools ranging from ice cold to extremely hot. The experience is extraordinary to say the least. I started in the morning, beginning with the large 36 degree pool and went “pool hopping” from there. Many of the pools have waterfalls and massage jets which was absolute heaven.

There is also a wonderful little pool with shallow water and a pebble bottom, where I walked on the pebbles through hot and then cold water … a natural massage therapy for my feet!


Other pools are divided into two sections where I submerged my body into the hot water, then alternated with ice cold water. Although it was tough to walk all the way into the ice pool, it was well worth it in the end because my pores were invigorated and the feeling was exhilarating.

After making all of the rounds I decided to go down for a healthy lunch – tuna and vegetable salad. After lunch, I wanted to digest before heading back to the thermal pools, so  I went to relax under the sun, as Poseidon has its own private area of Citara beach, sitting on a beautiful little bay and full of sun beds and straw umbrellas.

The pools are outdoors on various levels, some cut into rocks and some on ledges. Overlooking the sea and Citara Beach, it is beautiful. The park has lush gardens, a shopping boutique, an indoor wellness center with various massage techniques that can be purchased separately, a salt water pool, a cave sauna and more.

It was a fun, relaxing and healthy experience.

There are countless theories regarding the benefits of natural thermal hot springs and I plan on returning as often as possible, especially because it is easy to arrive on the boat from Naples, Capri or the Amalfi/Sorrento Coast. If you would like to experience the spas on Ischia, you can incorporate a visit to a spa into our popular Ischia Wellness Tour Private Boat Excursion. If you could like to find out more about a Wellness Tour to Ischia, just Contact Us and we’ll be happy to help you plan a beautiful and relaxing day cruising to Ischia!


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