Discover Positano and Nerano from Capri

It’s safe to say that everyone knows about Capri – with its high end boutiques, colorful villas, and five star hotels. Capri is the island to see and be seen, to soak into a Mediterranean paradise, and create a holiday full of chicness and relaxation. Yet it’s also quite busy during the day with travelers arriving from around the world ready to take it the beautiful views. One of the best ways to enjoy Capri if you’re staying there is by chartering a private boat to explore the beautiful coastline of the island and the surrounding area during the day. Discover grottoes around the island, stop to swim, enjoy the day, and more. But let us tell you about our most popular boat excursion from Capri!

Set off from Capri’s Marina Grande and head over to the Amalfi Coast – just beyond!

From Capri it’s just a quick cruise over to the Sorrento Peninsula where the Amalfi Coast stretches out along the southern side. In the morning, head straight towards the Amalfi Coast where you can stop to swim around Li Galli Islands – an archipelago of private islands off the coast of Positano where the legendary Ulysses heard the seducing song of the sirens. These little islands are privately owned and rented out to guests who want a low profile with a high budget. Although you cannot step foot onto the islands, it’s possible to swim in the middle and enjoy the views and incredible turquoise sea.

Two Exclusive Cruises speedboats at the Li Galli Islands

After a refreshing swim, cruise over to Positano where your captain will drop you off for free time on shore to explore the famous Vertical City, shop, and take colorful photos. Positano’s reputation is similar to Capri, with excellent shopping, luxury hotels, and a definite VIP atmosphere.

Positano fashion
Colorful shopping in Positano

After a fun visit, one of the coolest things to do is get back on the boat and cruise over to Nerano and the charming Marina del Cantone, a small fishing village located near the very tip of the Sorrento Peninsula. This beautiful and unpretentious stretch of beach is home to some of the best, mouthwatering restaurants on the coastline. In fact, this peaceful spot is where all the VIPs and celebrities stop for lunch while visiting the Amalfi Coast and Capri.

Your captain will dock the boat directly on one of the small buoys while a tender from the restaurant comes to meet you and take you to shore. Sit outside and dine on fresh seafood, pasta, local wine, and dessert. It is one of the most relaxing and serene experiences … not to be missed!

Beautiful Marina del Cantone in Nerano near the tip of the Amalfi Coast

Once lunch is over, enjoy a leisurely boat ride back to the island of Capri under the soft light of the afternoon sunshine. This is one of our all time favorite days! This is an excellent excursion if you’re arriving in the area on a cruise ship. You can also enjoy this excursion from Sorrento or any of the towns on the Amalfi Coast. Just contact us to find out more!


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