Seeing the Li Galli Islands in Positano

Lately a few very small islands just off the coastline from Positano have been making the news thanks to one very famous visitor. You may have heard that LeBron James has been on holiday on the Amalfi Coast after signing that incredible $154 million dollar contract with the Lakers. How to celebrate? On the Amalfi Coast, of course!

While LeBron and his wife Savannah have been spotted a few times while touring around the Amalfi Coast and Capri, there’s one photo that the American basketball player shared on Instagram that has captured 2.3 million likes.

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In the photo, James is standing in a very storied and exclusive spot on the largest of the Li Galli islands looking down the Amalfi Coast. It’s a magical spot in the evening sunlight. If you haven’t heard of the Li Galli islands, which also known as the Sirenusas, this archipelago is about 4 miles southwest of Positano.

The Li Galli islands in the distance off the coast of Positano

The islands have been used for centuries for a variety of different purposes starting as a Roman anchorage point, then a lookout with watchtower and eventually a monastery and then a prison before the islands were privately sold to Russian dancer and choreographer Leonide Massine in 1922. He began the transformation of the islands into a luxurious private villa, with advice from his friend Le Corbusier, that welcomed many artistic and notable visitors. The islands were then purchased in 1988 by another Russian dancer, Rudolf Nureyev, who lived the last years of his life in this tranquil spot.

Take a peek inside the villa and see more photos of the Li Galli islands here. While the islands are still privately owned, the villa is available for rent – if you have a budget something along the lines of LeBron James!

See the Li Galli archipelago up close with Exclusive Cruises!

While the public are not able to visit the islands, it is possible to cruise through the Li Galli islands to get a closer look and to stop for a swim in the sea. It’s a highlight of our private boat excursions along the Amalfi Coast, and our guests love diving into incredible turquoise water. It’s a dream! Contact us to find out more about our Amalfi Coast boat tours and how you can experience the enchanting Li Galli islands during your holiday.


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