A Bird’s-Eye View of the Cilento Coast

Located just across the Bay of Salerno from the Amalfi Coast is another spectacular coastline called the Cilento. Much more off the beaten path, there’s a tranquility here that we love sharing with our clients on a Cilento Coast cruise. Here’s where you can truly get away from it all while swimming in crystal clear water and exploring caves and grottoes along the way. Recently, our captain Carmine captured some dramatically beautiful drone images of one of the Cilento Coast’s most iconic spots – the Isola Licosa.


The little town of Licosa is set near a cape, and just beyond is a small island called Isola Licosa with a beautiful lighthouse. The name Licosa is said to come from an ancient Greek word meaning “white,” so of course the island’s lighthouse had to be white! Another theory is that the name comes from one of the three sirens who tempted Ulysses as he sailed past in Homer’s Odyssey. Whatever the origin, there’s no denying the mythical beauty of the Cilento Coast. The area around the Isola Licosa is one of the most remarkable spots to swim. In a landscape that echoes history, there’s no better way to experience it all than by diving right in!

Find out more about the Cilento Coast – Amalfi’s Quiet Neighbor and contact us to book a Cilento Coast Cruise!


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