The Best Amalfi Coast Summer Festivals

With long, warm days and plenty of fun events to choose from, summer is a wonderful time to visit the Amalfi Coast! For music lovers, there’s also a host of shows to choose from in Ravello – the City of Music. Many of the towns along the coastline have elaborate festivals celebrating their patron saint, which involve dramatic processions, music and incredible fireworks displays over the sea. These religious festivals are a wonderful chance to experience Italian culture and traditions. Plus, if you book a Fireworks Cruise with Exclusive Cruises, we’ll get you an unforgettable front row seat to enjoy the fireworks shows on the Amalfi Coast. Here’s a look at the best summer festivals and how to experience them like a local!

Religious Festivals

The festival of Sant’ Antonio procession on the sea in Amalfi

We’ve handpicked some of the biggest religious festivals on the Amalfi Coast, but you’ll often happen across smaller processions and hear fireworks going off for festivals throughout the summer. But these are some our favorites!

  • Festival of Sant’Antonio, Amalfi, June 13th – This religious festival has an unique procession that takes place on land and sea! The procession starts in Amalfi and continues on foot to Atrani where the statue of Sant’ Antonio is loaded onto a boat, along with the whole procession … marching band included! The procession continues by sea accompanied by a large gathering of boats where it travels back to Amalfi. After dark there’s a great fireworks display to cap off the celebration.
  • Festival of Sant’ Andrea, Amalfi, June 27th – One of the two annual festivals for Amalfi’s patron saint, the festival for Sant’ Andrea is the largest religious festival of the summer on the Amalfi Coast. The procession of the massive statue of Sant’ Andrea down the steps of the Duomo and through the town also includes a walk along the beach to bless the boats and the harbor. At the end of the procession the statue is run up the grand staircase of the Duomo. It’s a sight to see! The evening ends with a spectacular fireworks display over the harbor of Amalfi.
  • Festival of San Pietro, Cetara, June 29th – Cetara celebrates its patron saint with an elaborate procession through the town and fireworks after dark. Referring to the tradition of St. Peter as a fisherman, the statue of the saint is carried in this procession in a boat overflowing with flowers.
  • Festival of Santa Trofimena, Minori, July 13th – Join the town of Minori in celebrating their patron saint in this traditional festival. Why not stop in the Pasticceria Sal de Riso, one of the most popular bakeries on the Amalfi Coast, for a little something sweet while waiting for the fireworks?
  • Festival of Santa Maria Maddalena, Atrani, July 22nd – One of the smallest and most charming towns on the coast, Atrani really comes to life during this huge summer celebration. After the procession, enjoy music in the town’s main square and watch the lights shimmer on the sea along the waterfront. The fireworks display is set off from the sea and is a spectacular sight.
  • Festival of San Pantaleone, Ravello, July 27th – Spend a memorable evening in Ravello as you join the locals honoring the town’s patron saint. An insider tip – the fireworks display over Ravello is even more impressive when viewed from the neighboring village of Scala across the valley.
  • Luminaria di San Domenico, Praiano, July 30 – August 4 – This week-long event culminates in a light display featuring thousands of votive lights that form an intricate pattern in front of the church of San Gennaro.
  • Ferragosto, Positano and Maiori, August 15th – Although a religious festival dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, Ferragosto is a nationwide summer holiday that is a big event on the Amalfi Coast. In particular, the towns of Positano and Maiori celebrate with processions and fireworks displays over the sea. These are timed so that both can be viewed from the sea, and it’s a tremendous amount of fun to zip down the coast at night from Maiori to Positano by boat to see both shows. Find out more about our Fireworks Cruise where we can show you an unforgettable night on the Amalfi Coast!


Ravello Festival & Ravello Concert Society


Situated high above the sea with beautiful gardens and panoramic views of the Bay of Salerno, Ravello is an enchanting setting for music lovers to enjoy concerts during the summer months. The Ravello Festival runs from July to September and presents a wide range of classical, jazz, and contemporary musical performances, as well as opera, theater and dance. The shows take place on a custom-built stage in the gardens of the Villa Rufolo or at the modern Auditorium Oscar Niemeyer. Meanwhile, the Ravello Concert Society hosts classical performances for the entire summer seasons – and all the way through December.

Planning a trip to the Amalfi Coast this summer? Contact us to find out how we can help you experience a festival or event like a local!


(Image Credits: Fireworks over Positano, Sant’ Antonio Festival Procession, Ravello Festival)


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