Don’t Miss the Cilento Coast – Amalfi’s Quiet Neighbor

The Cilento Coast in Southern Italy is still largely off of the tourist radar, boasting picturesque small towns, rolling hills of vineyards and olive trees, and gorgeous beaches. Located across the Bay of Salerno from its more popular neighbor the Amalfi Coast, the Cilento is a stunning coastline with beautiful beaches and tons of incredible grottoes to discover. It is also located quite close to Paestum, home to some of the best-preserved Greek temples, and also the finest buffalo mozzarella in the country … and arguably the world!

If you’d like to explore the Cilento, Exclusive Cruises can customise a private boat trip followed by a small land excursion to see the highlights of the region. Find out more about our Cilento Coast Excursions here.

Beautiful coastline and sweeping views at Palinuro

The Italians seem to have kept this little slice of paradise to themselves, like a secret only for locals to enjoy. The water is clean and clear … some have said that it has a light and fluffy feeling on the skin while swimming. The best part of exploring the Cilento Coast with us is that we’ll take you to all the most beautiful swimming spots, including near the very tip of the Cilento Coast at Punta Licosa.

Amazing swimming near the beautiful Punta Licosa lighthouse on the Client Coast

What does a day on a boat along the Cilento Coast entail? Nothing but pure relaxation – and that is what is so fantastic about it! Lay in the sun, dive off the boat and explore the sea, pull up to a fabulous seaside restaurant for a lovely, fresh lunch. Enjoy being totally off the beaten track, away from streets, people, and chaos. Become totally enthralled into a quiet and relaxing nature – sea, sand, and sun.

Exclusive Cruises out cruising along the Cilento Coast

The Parco Nazionale del Cilento is the second largest Italian National Park and has been a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1998. Some beautiful towns and beautiful spots along the Cilento Coast are Santa Maria di Castellabate, San Marco, Punta Licosa and Isola Licosa, the bay of Ogliastro Marina and Palinuro. But there are so many beautiful spots to discover! My advice is to relax and let your captain take you along the Cilento Coast to show you this old world charm of Italy.

The charming little town of Agnone Cilento with incredible turquoise water

Read more about our Cilento Coast Excursions here.


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