Conca dei Marini on the Amalfi Coast

Conca dei Marini and the Monastero Santa Rosa

Conca Dei Marini is a charming little fishing village of roughly 700 people, situated is a scenic spot between Amalfi and Positano on the Amalfi Coast. Conca, as the village is often called, is very close to our hearts, because Exclusive Cruises calls this beautiful town our home base during the summer months.

If you are traveling to the Amalfi Coast, Sorrento, Naples or Capri areas, don’t miss the chance to stop in Conca dei Marini. With its simple beauty, extreme luxury, breathtaking views and out-of-this world cuisine, Conca is a slice of paradise that has (luckily for locals and visitors alike) kept its old-world charm and values.

Conca dei Marini - Charming Fishing Village on the Amalfi Coast
(Image courtesy Mess)

The locals of Conca are a close-knit community, sharing their homegrown crops, freshly caught fish, homemade liquors and much more. Since Conca is a “vertical town” there are many stairs and hidden walkways leading to tiny stucco homes. You’ll enjoy delicious smells of traditional cooking seeping out of every door, and fabulous views of Li Galli Islands, Capri and Praiano on one side and Amalfi, Maiori and Salerno on the other, and the Cilento Coast directly across the Bay of Salerno.

Conca dei Marini Beach on the Amalfi Coast

The beach in Conca (I call this my “happy place”) is a hidden gem all on its own. Rent a lounge chair and relax in the sunshine on the beach or the man-made solarium. The solarium has a wonderful breeze and always seems to maintain the perfect temperature. Swim in the turquoise water … since Conca, (Conca means “shell” in English), is situated in a quiet inlet, the water is always clean and clear. Hungry? Choose from three delicious and genuine family operated restaurants on the beach for a full barefoot luxury experience. It was on this beach that Jacqueline Kennedy chose to spend her days during the summer of 1962, at the private villa of Gianni Agnelli nearby.

Conca dei Marini Beautiful Beach Amalfi Coast

If you are looking for a more luxurious experience, the five star hotel Monastero Santa Rosa sits high on a cliff overlooking the Mediterranean, with an infinity pool offering stunning views stretching out to the horizon. This 17th-century monastery was purchased by American Bianca Sharma, and completely restored – maintaining its original structure and style.

Monastero Santa Rosa Luxury Hotel on the Amalfi Coast
(Image courtesy Monastero Santa Rosa)

The story goes that Sharma first spotted the monastery while boating along the coastline! Yet another reason why we love sharing the beauty of the area with travelers on our Amalfi Coast boat excursions, because you can see so much more from the sea since many of the most beautiful spots are not visible from the windy Amalfi Drive.

Conca dei Marini and Hotel Monastero Santa Rosa from the Sea

The nuns who lived within the monastery walls are remembered even today for having invented the famed Sfogliatella Santa Rosa pastry, which you can still find made in local bakeries on the Amalfi Coast. Every year this famous dessert is celebrated with a big street part in the village of Conca. What’s not to love about a town that celebrates a pastry with a big food festival?

Sfogliatella Santarosa Amalfi Coast
(Image courtesy the Monastero Santa Rosa)

If you are planning a vacation to the Amalfi Coast, don’t overlook Conca dei Marini as a base to stay or a more secluded spot to spend a relaxing day. It truly is a peaceful inlet of serenity, culture and beauty!


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